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What We Do

We design and manufacture parts to fit modern Indian Motorcycles®. We test our products in real world conditions and strive to continuously improve them until they meet the highest standards of style and quality.

  • Designed & Made in USA

  • Made by Indian riders, for Indian riders

  • Top quality materials & workmanship


We have been riding & wrenching on motorcycles our entire lives. We know what works and what doesn’t. We believe strongly in American made products for American bikes & riders.

“Indian Motorcycles are a true icon of the American motorcycle scene. We honor that tradition by providing the finest parts and accessories, designed and made in the USA.”

- Marty Scales CEO, L.O.T.

Our chief engineer and CEO Marty with a few of his chiefs...


Our engineers and technical staff have a wealth of  design experience using the latest 3D modeling & analysis software. Their professional accomplishments span the globe on a variety of complex research & industrial projects.

Our engineers ride every day and personally test every product that we produce on their own bikes.

Manufacturing Partners

Our products are manufactured in Silicon Valley by the same highly skilled craftspeople who collaborate with some of the most advanced companies in the world, such as Telsa, NASA, Google… The same high standards those companies demand in design, materials and workmanship are applied to all our products.